What are Values

Values are strength, based on universal, cosmic or natural laws offers a life altering prospective on the attainment of success. These are five in numbers are INTEGRITY, AUTHENTICITY, RESPONSIBILITY, INNOVATION & TEAM WORK.

“Success is a journey, not a destination. Maintain the flow of life with cosmos principles.”

Program takes you through a unique journey, a journey which will enrich you and make you knowledgeable and more competent in your life. While you go through the program:

  • Be totally relaxed
  • Be in the present
  • Listen: attentively.
  • Don’t try to analyze it rather

Each one of us is in search of good health, knowledge, prosperity, harmony & overall success. Now this really can happen in you.

Program is integration of:

  • Theory & Science -Knowledge gives understanding and bring changes in your cognition & in turn behavioral changes which is gradual process.
  • Techniques, KRIYAS & Affirmations for quick results.

Let you all achieve, experience, radiate, share success and enrich each other.


I acknowledge & express my gratitude to Swami Nithyananda providing knowledge of four principles to live a life full of energy, vigour to achieve success in life.

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Sharing & Enriching
Values: Live With 5 Powers in Your Life

Sharing & Enriching

Part One

01.Listening & completion
02.Integrity, Authenticity, Responsibility, Enriching
03.It is inside / It is within
04.Start Now & Go on Scanning
05.Create your own Reality

Part Two

06.Discover your peak performance-Cognative shift
07.Enrich others-Life Enriches you
08.Raise your vibrations









Sharing & Enriching 01
Listening & Completion

Listen, Listen, Listen, please listen-- Come to space of listening.

  • Listening is Transformation & Healing
  • Listening is Awakening & self change
  • Listening is Enlightenment & solace
  • Listening is Progress & Reclaiming

Listening is a tool, methodology to create better inter personal relations

The natural tendency of life is to grow, evolve, progress for more and more: health, wealth, name & fame. After complete listening you feel more powerful.

You are born unique & special identity. Don’t compare yourself with anybody else.

Three Techniques
  1. To be in the present: I am here & Act Now. Remain Awaken, Awared & Alert become conscious, and be mind-full of all the activities during the day such as: Walking, eating working, listening, talking……….Unclutch your mind, become one. Through this gradual thoughts per second (TPS) will reduce & result into:
    Increased energy, concentration, better inter personal relations
  2. Attitude of Gratitude: As you get up in the morning, become conscious of yourself. After getting fresh, stretching (inhaling) & relax (exhaling) and affirm. Pay gratitude & thank to God & Parents for so much possessions like house, wife neighbors, relatives etc. etc., for a new day with new opportunities learn to admire.
  3. Completion: “Complete” with yourself, others & nature.
    Now just picturize before sleep whole day as a film and find where incompletion like sad, bad, mad, helpless, hopeless, restless, boredom, conflicts, contradiction, laziness etc etc has been left. The words given to yourself not fulfilled or honored. Complete through forgiving or remember of completion next day. Go with completion for sleep after relaxation- (Learn in next session Relaxation) Go on enriching, Go on enriching, Go on enriching- try to find how you can be of any help to others during the day, you are in turn going to be enriched. This is the Law of Seed.

Let you all achieve, experience, radiate, share success and enrich each other.

Sharing & Enriching 02
Integrity- Authenticity – Responsibility – Enriching

Last session – recap:
Three Technique

  1. Morning: act of gratitude for this day going extra ordinary, exciting and good.
  2. During the day develop awakening & be conscious of whatever you are doing. Live in present
  3. Before sleep – Do completion.

Completion is not a problem solver, it is power giver.

We are going to practice four principles / powers which are:

  1. Integrity is fulfilling and honoring the words, thoughts that you give to yourself and to others and experiencing a state of completion – Poornatva with yourself, and with life.
  2. Authenticity is you being established in the peak of your energy/capability & perform with Shradha & dedication.
  3. Responsibility is living and responding to life from the truth that you are the source of and therefore, you are responsible for all the happenings in and around you.
  4. Enriching is you taking responsibility and sharing the good things to create more good.

Give solutions in return to others – your life gets solution in return.To keep anything alive enrich & distribute.

Integrity is the root, authenticity is the tree, responsibility is the fruit
enriching is sharing the fruit, to have more fruits.

Practice so hum technique provided. Ref. positive thoughts on yogajaipur.com positive thoughts.

Let you all achieve, experience, radiate, share success and enrich each other.

Sharing & Enriching 02

So hum, So hum, So hum, So hum, So hum, So hum, So hum
I am that
I am perfect in health & full of energy, strength & power. My true nature is full of love, peace & happiness.

So hum, So hum, So hum, So hum, So hum, So hum, So hum
I am that
I am perfect in health & full of energy, strength & power. My true nature is full of love, peace & happiness.

So hum, So hum, So hum, So hum, So hum, So hum, So hum
I am that
I am perfect in health & full of energy, strength & power. My true nature is full of love, peace & happiness.

Sharing & Enriching 02

Sharing & Enriching 03
It is inside/ it is within

To lead a life filled with clarity, purpose, real love, genuine happiness &peace. Let me reveal the biggest secret ever told, the secret that can change your life for ever. Secret lies within you, it is inside.

Why did not somebody tell this to the dear before?
How to awaken your hidden inner potential and create a life desired by you.

The path is in two steps:-

  1. Let us understand we are not body, but Psychophysical unit as one Body & mind (thoughts, feelings & emotions), more is Body, Mind & Soul . Live in harmony & garnish all the three.
  2. To clear our past karmas or incompletions. Do completion daily.

We are wired with four tattvas of the universe and they are using us unconsciously e.g, our body is committed for Breathing in full integration and authentic to pump blood to full potential. Body feel whole responsible to enrich day and night our body.

Integrate thought with integrity, be authentic to authenticity, be responsible to responsibility and enriching to enrichment. Only this will solve the fear of fears, the worry of worrying if you just have the problem of fear, authenticity is enough to solve.

Let you all achieve, experience, radiate, share success and enrich each other.

Sharing & Enriching 04
Starts Now & Go on Scanning

We long and love for Success But who stops you?

Your own doubt: SDHD-self doubt, self hatred, self denial.

Bring integrity into everything - start now it goes on expanding at the subtle level this will weed out your negativities and bring auspiousness to you.
Listen: no technique, no method, no technology, no meditation, no medication, no Kriya will work unless bring integrity into you. “With integrity life starts happening in you”

Sleep is nothing- but to give rest to inner chatter. With integrity your inner chatter will never be active. Bring integrity, the tiredness will disappear, the boredom will disappear and conflicts will disappear.

“When you have conflict with anybody, try to look at what conflicts you have inside. Only then will you start healing”

Authenticity can be practiced, we can allow sometime as a practice period.
But integrity has no practice period, it is straight forward.

Start Now

Four principles as IARE are not social or moral sciences but are strategic planning / tool kit, methodology for success.
Bring Integrity. Go on scanning your inner space for integrity.
Four principles go hand in hand and interlinked. Completion and Enriching moves together. Enriching starts with completion.
Enriching itself is nothing but enriching yourself & others with- integrity & authenticity.
“I complete with the world and I declare – let the world be auspicious” let all good things happen to the world.”

Let you all achieve, experience, radiate, share success and enrich each other.

Sharing & Enriching 05
Create your own reality

Four principles of cosmos should become part of your life along with completion & unclutching of Mind to create our life.

Create your own reality- nobody else will do for you.


This Completes our first phase of the program with this seven words

(Mirroring Neurons)

To Start practicing listening from the space of listening (absence of inner chattering) would give you better cognition of the subject, improve inter-personal relations & increase concentration & energy levels by reducing in TPS (Thought per second) Integrity can be implemented immediately through not waiting-honoring, fulfilling the words, thoughts you give to you & others.

Let you all achieve, experience, radiate, share success and enrich each other.

Sharing & Enriching 06
Discover your peak performance – Cognitive shift Wow! What a life! What a excitement! I am healthy & energetic.

So understand the words you utter are not disconnected or lost from you. They are part of you.
This is called rewriting your future. This cognitive shift is enough.
This looks like hypocrisy , after a week, you will see that it becomes your way of expressing you, later on your perception will change. S & E is nothing but provides knowledge & Competence to live life of optimum potential have a deep joy & fulfillment within.

When you bring integrity into you, when you bring complete integrity into your thinking, the words utter to you and to others will be experienced as your very life. Practicing integrity creates the space of positivity in you, and practicing Authenticity creates the space of possibility in you.

Who you want to be & who you are, cognize this!

If you cognize restlessness, inability to be at peace within, not able to handle conversation and so on. Be very clear this is disharmony, imbalance between your personality (MAMKARA) and outer personality (AHANKARA)

Four principles are four powers - not social, moral or ethics science as superficial. I am proposing four principles as a tool, methodology as an inner awakening process, where your possibility is awakened and your rights are reclaimed.

Life is a possibility, life means possibility for future. Wherever you deny possibility, you deny life. So many new-new things are happening everyday! I am really excited; I am going to live it. I am going to make it. Go on repeating these words. I tell you, your problems of laziness, boredom, low feelings will disappear.

This cognitive shift itself will make you live the principles.
Let you all achieve, experience, radiate, share success and enrich each other.

Sharing & Enriching 07
Enrich others-Life Enriches you.

Let us define: Enriching is taking you responsibility with integrity and authenticity that you are committed to continuously enriching, which is expanding yourself and life, in and around you.

“Enriching you and others transforms reality”

Now question arises:
01. Why unnecessary Enriching others?
02. What about past lack of integrity & inauthenticity, irresponsibility?

  • Where you live, hundred of people are involved with your life, sometimes thousands. Life happens with others. So, what you want for you-respect, richness, health-so give the same to others.
  • Internalize-Law of seed.
  • When you enrich others to live with integrity, authenticity and responsibility your past mess up will burnt, melt.
    Your senses are programmed to go out either to enrich or swindle (Harm)


Through this you start experience of cosmic energy flowing and feel excitement, freshness, joy, happiness, inspiration & readiness happening to you.

  • Integrity is the mathematics of life
  • Responsibility is the science of life
  • Authenticity is the biology of life
  • Enriching is the constitution of life.

If you are practicing Enriching, you are the head of the constitution.

Continuously enrich, enrich & enrich. When you enrich others, you will be enriched. Life is a possibility-Live it continuously

May you all achieve, experience, radiate, share success & enrich each other.

Sharing & Enriching 08
Raise Your Vibrations

The Universe is full of energy and vibrations in different frequency. Nothing even happens by accident, chance or luck our vibrations creates our life. we are radiators of vibrations & attract, align only for which we are made of strong, weak, good, bad, high, low frequency.

  1. Acceptance unconditional- True love & friendliness.
    Don’t compare, judge, critical about things, people as everybody has its own place in the Universe. As you & everybody is unique, extra-ordinary, magic with universe energy as no body has DNA composition, finger print, sankaras are similar.
  2. Live in the present-Unwind body & unclutch Mind.
    It is vital to maintain relaxed state of body & tranquil mind, as stressed body & tensed mind are its source to sap energy. working & living in present with positive possibilities creates positive vibrations.
  3. Attitude Of Gratitude:
    Our vibrations become very high by just remembers grace of God all around. remaining in attitude of gratitude for nature/God for the very air we breath, the birds & animals around us, the trees and the flowers, the sun & the moon. Learn to express.
    • Be grateful when someone does for you even daily routine-cooking or serving.
    • Convey our faith in the universe & express thanks for everything which our life receives.
  5. Sharing & Enriching:
    Sharing & Enriching – is a method through which our vibrations increase a lot & that can be seen in the nature.
    Nature of the nature is to give. Law of speed. Real joy in life comes from giving & doing things for others unconditionally.
  6. Hope & Celebration:
    Hope is the life Jacket & keeps us awake. Having faith in the future, being intelligently, optimistic, focusing on all beautiful things keeps us in celebration mood. Beginning of celebrations is satisfaction what we have.

May you all achieve, experience, radiate, share success & enrich each other.

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