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How to heal your Body?

Integrated approach is recommended, no substitute to Modern Medicine

Largest reservoir of energy :Nature

You and I in physical bodies are in space time experience.

“Disease can be healed , if we have will to change the way we think, Believe & Act”

Our body or physiology is greatly influenced from our thoughts, feelings & emotions. Our body is the product of our thoughts. Psycho Neuro Immunology- Mind-Body Medicine

Mind-body medicine uses the power of thoughts and emotions to influence health.

As HIPPOCRATES father of medicine wrote, “The natural healing force within each one of us is the greatest force in getting well.”

“Every human being is the author of his own health or disease.” ~Sivananda

We are two in one as physical and non-physical (called Psychic body, Emotional body, subtle or etheric made of 72,000 nadies this is the base of our physical body.)

“Both bodies are intimately inter connected, interrelated and mutually influenced, & Act”

Both bodies are intimately inter connected, interrelated and mutually influenced, due to negative emotions our body gets corrupted or blocked with less of energy flowing which is the cause of physical diseases.

Emotions of fear, jealousy, betrayal, sadness,humiliation, insult, guilt has direct effect on our physical body in the form of disease such as Migraine, High BP, Insomnia, CHD, Diabetes, Cancer etc., Like physical causes such as infection, accidents disease of the physical body – similarly for chronic disease, non- physical causes are there.

Causes of nonphysical disease are like pressure baggage carrying yourself with internal struggles of unresolved issues with family, friends, emotional hurts , unresolved mental and physical patters and memories stored in your cells deep down cellular memory. Nonphysical diseases are called Blind spots in life, past hurts.


Remove physiological Stress from the body and the body does what it was designed to do. It heals itself.

Incurable means – “Curable from within Dr. John Demartini

It is the belief about ageing all in our mind.

Shift your attention from being sick to being well. I am perfectly well and healthy. Law of Attraction Quantum Healing is the ability of one mode of consciousness (fragmented, full of fear) to another mode of consciousness (harmony, symphony and full of peace)

Your body is an amazing healing machine – immune system that has automatic processes built into it to ensure that it maintains a state of perfect health. Science has found that your body’s cells naturally regenerate themselves at different speeds, depending upon where they are located in the body.

We all come with a built-in-basic programme called & ”self Healing” - Immune System . Our body is continuously is in the process of regeneration, and replaces all organs with new ones in over a period of year.

How a cut heals itself or our nails, hairs grow continuously.

Science as quantum physics explains regeneration of cells in our body

  • Liver cells takes 6 weeks to regenerate
  • Skin cells takes 3-4weeks to regenerate
  • Eye cells takes 2 days to heal
  • Brain cell takes 4 weeks

We are being…. Remade, Remake, Regenerated & Recreated. Most of us has no idea of the body’s- extraordinary ability to change, renew itself.

Positive Affirmations

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Aakashik Reading

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“Our Bodies are extraordinary; We make a Skelton every year, a new skin every month. We are easily capable of renewing and repairing ourselves” Dr. Deepak Chopra.

Now you may be wondering how a person can create or maintain any illness past one year if every cell in the body will be completely regenerated and brand new? Doctor Deepak Chopra asked the same question and through extensive research found an amazing discovery. The reason unhealthy cells continue to replicate them is because negative emotions from life experiences become chemically trapped in the cell causing it to "remember" itself to be unhealthy. The negative feelings in these cellular memories cause a healthy cell to replicate as "unhealthy" which leads to the perpetuation of an illness or disease.

“When negative emotion is dissipated our physical vehicles will vibrate in much greater harmony with nature and much disease will no longer consume man.” ~J.J. Dewey

“When our bodies reawaken to spirit, we re-enliven our own inner healing mechanism and activation internal pharmacy to create and maintain a state of perfect health” The Journey- Brandon Bays

Other scientists such as Candace Pert, Joseph Ledoux, and Elliot Drucker have also found that the chemicals caused from your emotions are stored within the walls of the cells. They’ve found that when you express positive healthy emotions (such as love, peace and gentleness) the cell walls respond to these positive emotions and their communication receptors remain open, receptive and healthy. On the other hand, when a traumatic event occurs, chemicals called peptides flood into your blood stream and attach themselves to your cell receptors, hindering chemical communication from taking place. As long as the traumatic memory from these chemically blocked cells is not healed, they end up protecting themselves and cutting off healthy necessary communication with other cells in the body. Blocked communication of cells in the body eventually over time leads to the development of physical illness showing up in the body.

“The physical world, including our bodies, is a response of the observer. We create our bodies as we create the experience of our world.” ~ Deepak Chopra

Dr. Deepak Chopra decided to do a life study of successful survivors of illness and found that they all have two things in common.

The first is that they were all able to spontaneously access a Divine Intelligent Loving Source inside of them (God, higher love, Infinite Source etc) and secondly they could forgive and heal themselves from past traumatic memories

Brandon Bays, a woman who knew about the power of healing from within, cured herself from a tumor the size of a basketball by releasing and reprogramming her past stored memories. She went on to develop a simple process called The Journey that allows you to access your connection to Divine Intelligence, reprogram cellular memories, free yourself from stored up negative emotions, and come to a true place of healing and forgiveness inside.

This Journey process physically supports the body in destroying peptides and re-opens cell receptors for healthy cell communication. The clearing and reprogramming of these unhealthy cellular memories creates the profound effect of true physical healing all throughout the body.

“All disease and illness is just the loss of memory of wholeness at the cellular level. When cell loses its connection with self of the body. Our Body, it begins to act randomly, causing havoc and destruction. Through techniques such as Meditation,Prayer, Silence, we begin to reconnect with our essential nature and bring back the memory of wholeness, Body heals.Dr. Deepak Chopra

Other techniques of healing are also very effective such as Detoxifying Food, Affirmations, attitude of gratitude, Forgiveness, watching funny movies/Laughter, laugh and laugh ,Love yourself as unique, perfect, healthy using Mirror Therapy (Harish you are very smart, handsopme, pefect in health, wealth, blissful) Mental healing through positive affirmations, postures, motivational videos and stories of healing work a lot in cleaning inner garbage,shit.

Basics for Good Health

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